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This is a little delayed. [Jun. 8th, 2005|11:49 pm]
i post well


The first of my experiences that came to mind when I saw the last proposed theme are less than sparkling, but I suppose something is better than nothing.

I used to do drugs the most in high school during the day when my parents couldn't scrutinize me. It was really the only time I could do acid, shrooms, or anything else long-lasting. I remember dropping acid and fearing my boyfriend at the time because I suddenly thought he was a reptile. Contemplating my individual strands of hair was something that often used to calm me during classes. The lectures would speed up, slow down, and then speed up again. Every day my first class was band, and I could always make it into a surreal experience.

One time I got especially baked before school and ate a piece of paper during class because I could have sworn on my life that it was popcorn.

The first time I smoked out one of my old friends, she swam across her living room floor and drew a hammerhead camel on the blackboard in her kitchen. I then declared that I would name my firstborn child Anis, because it was the best possible name. After that, we both decided that if we ever made a movie, it would be titled "Anis Nipplepimp," even if it turned out to be about dying grandmothers. For some reason, a discussion regarding the vaginas of the aforementioned dying grandmothers followed shortly thereafter.

I know that's bizarre, but the topic certainly calls for it, doesn't it?

[User Picture]From: pinkninky
2005-06-24 11:44 pm (UTC)
you know, for the life of me, i cannot imagine you ever eating a piece of paper ♥
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[User Picture]From: sleepytoast
2005-06-30 02:28 am (UTC)
Do you mean an entire 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper? I didn't go quite that far, although that would have been hilarious! It was a smaller, torn-off piece, all crumpled up...and I expected it to be buttery, too....

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