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theme: good/bad experience under the influence of whatever. [May. 2nd, 2005|10:23 pm]
i post well


experience: good
influence of: acid

this was years ago, and the details are a bit fuzzy, but here's what i remember. at the time i could actually take pills, though now, i can't take them to save my life. i had made plans to drop with a group of people one afternoon, so i decided to make sure my body was ready for it. the entire day prior i made sure to drink a lot of water (good thing i later found out), and took some vitamin c pills every several hours.

the next day, me and my friends bought our acid and dropped at a coffee shop i think. there was 10 of us all together. 8 on drugs, and two drug free designated drivers with a good sense of fun. the day was great. good weather, great friends, perfect tripping condions. once we were all in a good mood we decided to go to a little place called Hell's Gates. the drive involves winding roads, tall trees and a bridge for a train. so we did what we always did, walk across the tracks to our 'spot'. generally i walk over the tracks slowly because they are high off of the ground, and falling off would hurt, but on acid, i am invincible. when i saw the tracks in front of me, my eyes warped them so they seemed curved. i felt like a hampster, so i ran full speed across the bridge, whech, upon reflection, was pretty damn amazing. once we got to our spot, the usual occured. "the leaves are so.......pretty" and "that concrete looks squishy" at one point my friend ben and i found an opossum. it was actually dead (cause of death unknown) but it was breathing. i watched its ribcage swell and expand with every breath, but i knew that it was not alive. it was very interesting, it was a furry paradox. i don't remember leaving, but i do remember riding in my friends explorer and finding a toy in the backseat. it was a little plastic blue rake from mc.donalds. another friend and i entertained ourselves and others by raking others' arms. it was an amazing feeling. it was like, when my arm was raked, everything bad in the world just went away, like that rake was a wonder drug of bliss.

after that, i honestly don't remember what happened. i vaguely remember everybody being stoked about going to the park, like a bunch of kids, and that was it. i don't remember coming down, but when i did come down, i realized that i hadn't eaten all day, and would have been dehydrated if i didn't drink all of that water the day before.

it was the best trip ever. i've dropped since then, all have been good, but i gave it up in high school because like all habits, it does get expensive. like i said in my disclamer, i'm not encouraging anybody to drop acid in any form but if it must be done, do it safetly and in the company of friends who will watch after you in case anything bad happens.